About Us 

Wakarusa Coach started as an up-fitter, final-stage manufacturer in the mobile medical industry. After building on multiple brands, we realized that these shells were not designed for the commercial use that the final stage manufactures wanted. We needed to design our own shell to fit the needs of the mobile medical and specialty vehicle industry. Wakarusa Coach was formed out of a necessity to provide the end-user a quality product.

Our company was founded on building a quality product and forming relationships. We are constantly evaluating our processes and our people to better improve our products. Our core focus is to provide a quality product with flexible options. Please contact us with questions, and let us know what your needs are and how we can partner with you to create your specialty vehicle. Thank you for choosing Wakarusa Coach Company! We are proud to serve the United States and Canada since 2019. Learn more about our team below.

In 2021, Wakarusa Coach Co. purchased the assets of MSV-Mobile Specialty Vehicles- a 40+ year old company founded by Daniel Ayres who pioneered the mobile medical industry as we know it today. Mr. Ayres visionary practices and designs paved the way for what is now the finest built, true commercial-quality motorcoach in the healthcare industry and we are proud to be a part of that tradition. Many of today's mobile medical units are crafted using traditionally built RV's which feature consumer quality materials and construction methods. Our goal at Wakarusa Coach and MSV is to offer our customers a true, commercial-quality built vehicle that will stand the test of time-and not because of extended warranty gimmicks, but because it is a better built coach.

Scott Tuttle


Scott is a serial entrepreneur with a background in marketing and design. Scott brings his creativity to the company and pushes everyone to be better.

Chad Newcomer


Chad has more than 20 years in manufacturing with hands-on experience at all levels. Chad brings leadership to the company that allows for flexibility without sacrificing quality.

Corey Ryman

VP Operations

Corey brings a servant mentality to the company and has more than 15 years of service experience. His ability to think about how the end-user will operate is a great asset to Wakarusa Coach Company.